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The Department of Management Studies at CIT was established in the academic year 2021-22 with a vision to develop MBA graduates with multi-disciplinary skills to compete in the global business arena. The MBA program at CIT is aimed to hone the professional skills required for increasingly complex and dynamic management career requirements. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the disruptive power of technology are much evident in all fields. It is imperative that the future generation of management leaders are proficient with technologies, business administration, best practices and managerial skills to face the technology driven work environment. In view of the global demands, the Department strives to develop and empower MBA graduates with techno-managerial skills. The Department is backed by a brand name spanning over six decades in the field of Engineering Education, faculty with excellent subject expertise and state of-the-art infrastructure. The Department offers specialization in the domains of Business Analytics, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Information Systems Management. It is committed to implement innovative and contemporary pedagogy to compete in the diverse business environment. The curriculum aims to inculcate practical skills through Live Projects, Comprehensive News Analysis, Debates, Case Analysis, Exclusive Presentations, Team Projects, Entrepreneurship Activities, Management Games, Design Thinking Workshops, Company Visits, Industry Expert Talks, Mentoring and Business Simulation Exercises. The uniqueness of this program lies in its industry relevant concepts and novel practices to integrate modern management with data driven decision making capabilities.


The Department of Management Studies at Coimbatore Institute of Technology endeavours to be a School of Management to nurture highly capable, engaged and ethical leaders with a flair to create dynamic, positive changes in the world of Business and Society.


The Mission of the Department of Management Studies is to:

✓ Develop graduates with new-age management perspectives, skills & business strategies with ethical implications.

✓ Empower the MBA graduates with techno-managerial skills to optimise resources, leverage technology and business intelligence.


To lay the foundation to acquire skills by using analytical tools for problem solving and decision making in a competitive business environment.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO 1:To equip the learners with the required academic knowledge, communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, responsibility, team work, leadership skills and Global outlook.
  • PEO2:  To enable them to comprehend and understand in using appropriate quantitative  & qualitative tools for data- driven decision making in real-world business situations.
  • PEO3:  To strengthen their competencies in innovative & design thinking skills to pursue entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship.
  • PEO4:To offer courses with techno-managerial content that integrates theory and applied skills-that prepare the learners for Industry 4.0.
  • PEO5: To develop the learners as socially responsible and value driven citizens committed to sustainable development.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

The following are the Program Outcomes of the MBA program

PO1: Generic and Domain Knowledge

The graduates will be able to apply the knowledge of principles and frameworks of management and allied domains to the solutions of real-world complex business issues.

PO2:  Integration of data Communication and Technology

The graduates will be able to understand big data, know how to interpret and to apply the knowledge that big data offers and feel comfortable in making business decisions based on the information.

PO3: Effective Communication

The graduates will be able to communicate and negotiate effectively to achieve organizational and individual goals.

PO4: Dealing with change and Uncertainty

The graduates will be able to explore and reflect about managerial challenges, develop informed managerial decisions in a dynamically unstable environment.

PO5: Leadership and Team Work

The graduates will be able to collaborate in an organizational context and across organizational boundaries and lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals.

PO6: Innovation and Creativity

The graduates will be able to identify, formulate and provide innovative solution frameworks to real world complex business and social problems.

PO7: Social Responsiveness and Ethics

The graduates will be able to confront the challenging situations of business and environment for the betterment of the society. Recognize ethical dilemmas in global business environments, distinguish between ethical Vs unethical behaviour and act with integrity.

PO8: Entrepreneurial and business orientation

The graduates will be able to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and leverage managerial & leadership skills for founding, leading & managing start-ups as well as professionalizing and growing family business.

PO9: Global Orientation and Cross- Cultural appreciation.

The graduates will be able to approach relevant business issues from a global perspective and exhibit an appreciation of cross cultural aspects of business and management.

PO10: Managing self

The graduates will be able to understand their own and others’ emotions, their personal strengths, weaknesses, and inner resources. Strive constantly for achieving self development, wellness & fulfillment.


MBA@CIT Advantages

Proven leadership with vision and sustainable growth in the field of Engineering Education over a period of six decades

Sprawling 70 acres spacious campus situated in the heart of the city with hostel facilities for boys and girls State-of-the-art Infrastructure with Wi-Fi enabled campus

Well Qualified & Experienced Faculty

Industry Relevant Curriculum

Wide & Contemporary Specializations

Innovative Pedagogy like Case Studies / Simulations / Short-term Training / Live Mini Projects / Industrial Visits

/ Flipped Classrooms & Collaborative Learning

Soft Skills, Grooming & Personality Development Training

Corporate Theater Workshop

Veteran speakers and Master classes on specialized topics in response to contemporary business developments and student interests.

Outbound Training Activities

Opportunity to choose & study Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with credit transfer facility

Business Simulation Project

Optional Foreign Language Classes & International Study Visits

Placement Training & Assistance ✓ Opportunity to work in Social Business Projects

Faculty Mentor for Every Student

Fostering Innovation, Design Thinking & Entrepreneurial Intent.

Faculty Directory


Dr.V.Selladurai M.E.,Ph.D.,

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574505
Mobile Number 9629322277 / 9363227757
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Professor and HOD

Dr.M.Senthil M.B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.,

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574563
Mobile Number 9443183584
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Visiting  Professor 


Dr. John Rudolph Raj, MBA (UK), FCIS (CS) (CGP), PhD

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574563
Mobile Number 9626260410
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Associate Professor


Dr.R.Jayanthi M.B.A., NET., PGDF&C., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574606
Mobile Number 7397569530
Profile Information

Dr. A. G. Sudha B.E., MBA., M.Phil., Ph.D., SET.,

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574608
Mobile Number 9994050672
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Assistant Professors

Dr.S.Gokul Kumar B.Com., M.Com., NET., MBA., NET., PGDIB., PGDHRM., DBF., Ph.D.,

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574562
Mobile Number 7845286828 / 9578221581
Profile Information

Dr.T.Sathyapriya MBA., PGDCA., SET., PhD.,

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574608
Mobile Number 9791330373
Profile Information

 Dr.S.Thilaga MBA., MMA., PGDIB., NET., SET., Ph.D.,

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574608
Mobile Number 9003022171
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Dr.J.Deepa MBA., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Department Master of Business Administration
Office number +91 – 422 – 2574608
Mobile Number 9894785888
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