Research & Consultancy

COE - 1

MODROB-Modernisation of Manufacturing Systems Engineering Laboratory (Completed)

Funded By : AICTE of Rs.5.00 lacs  
Investigator :

COE - 2

TAPTEC-Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Completed)

Funded By : AICTE of Rs.6.00 lacs 
Investigator :


OFFICE AUTOMATION for COE Office (Completed)

Funded By : of Rs.6.00 lacs  
Investigator : Dr.V.Selladurai


R&D - Development of Neural Based FMS Simulator (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.7.00 lacs
Investigator :


TECHNOLOGY FORECASTING - Development of Dynamic Intelligent Manufacturing System Simulator (Completed)

Funded By :  of Rs.3.00 lacs
Investigator :


R&D - Hardfacing Process Optimization through Robust Design of Experiments (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.5.00 lacs
Investigator :


R&D - Development of job-shop scheduler through parallel processing and hybrid modelling for optimal performance (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.4.00 lacs  
Investigator : Dr.V.Selladurai


AICTE - TAPTEC - Colour Metallography of stainless steel welds using Computer Assisted Image Processing (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.6.0 lacs
Investigator :  Dr.N.Murugan


UGC - R & D - Development of Computer Assisted Models for the Prediction of ferrite Content and Corrosion Resistance of Austenitic stainless steel weldments and claddings (Completed)

Funded By : UGC of Rs.7.0 lacs
Investigator : Dr.N.Murugan


AICTE - R & D - Plasma Transferred Arc Hardfacing Process Optimization For Enhancing Mechanical And Metallurgical Properties Of Valves Through Robust Design Of Experiments (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.7.0 lacs
Investigator :  Dr.N.Murugan


FIST - DST (Completed)

Funded By :  DST of Rs.35.0 lacs  
Investigator : Dr.V.Selladurai