Faculty – Research Area

Dr. K.S.Ramaswami Optimization Techniques
Dr. N. Nagaveni Topology
Dr. B. Gokila Fluid Dynamics
Dr. V. Santhi Reliability
Dr. R. Navamani Fluid Dynamics
Dr. R. Lavanya Partial Differential Equations-Control Theory and Numerical Methods
Dr. K. Ganesamoorthy Distance Concepts in Graphs
Dr. R. Prabakaran Optimal Control Theory
Dr. S. Jayasri Reliability and Acceptance of Sampling
Dr. S. Dayanamary Topology

List of Research Scholars

Sl. No. Registration Number Name of the Student Full Time/Part Time Financial Support
1 18257691148 S.I. Saakarika Full Time
2 18247691121 S. Sathya priya Part Time
3 17137697180 M. Murugan Full Time NBHM
4 17247697177 M. Nandhini Part Time
5 17237697173 B. Sangeetha Part Time
6 1625769164 U.K. Shyni Full Time TEQIP
7 1624769156 K. Kiruthika Full Time TEQIP
8 1624769187 D. Jayanthi Part Time
9 1623769185 S. Lakshmi Priya Part Time
10 Ph.D-CB-DEC-2014-0103 D. Sheeba Part Time