TDesign and analysis of a manufacturing system using Bulk Queuing Models (Completed)

Funded By : UGC, New Delhi of Rs.362100 lacs
Investigator : Dr. K. S. Ramaswami


Modernization of Computer Applications-Laboratory for Reliability Risk Analysis and Optimization (Completed)

Funded By : AICTE of Rs.1000000 lacs
Investigator : Principal Investigator: M. Devaraj Co-Coordinators: Dr.S. Somusundaram M. Senthil Kumar

Mono - Copy

Monophonic and Detour Monophonic Concepts in Graphs (On-Going)

Funded By : NBHM-DAE, Mumbai of Rs.14, 33, 100
Investigator : Dr. K. Ganesamoorthy

Bio-desel - Copy

Controllability for Optimal Cycle for a given Organism in Medical and Biological Systems (On-Going)

Funded By : UGC, New Delhi of Rs.1,90000
Investigator : Principal Investigator: Dr.R.Prabakaran