Intelligent Remote Health Monitoring of Bridge Systems

Funded By : CSIR / DST
Coordinator : Dr.E.Chandira Sekaran


Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) –Level 0

Funded By :  FIST
Coordinator : Dr.E.Chandra Sekaran

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Modernization Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Funded By : AICTE
Coordinators: Dr.M.Sundarambal, Dr.A.Kavithamani


Indigenous Design and Development of Battery less and Transformer less Standalone Solar PV Systems (Capacity: 8 KW)

Funded By : Coimbatore Institute of Technology
Coordinators: Dr.R.Prabhakar, Dr.E.Chandira Sekaran


Modernization of Power, Energy and Smart Grid Systems Laboratory

Coordinators: Dr.S.Vasantharathna, Dr.E.Chandira Sekaran


Development of an Intelligent System to detect adulteration in contamination in food products

Funded By : AICTE RPS
Coordinator: Dr.S.Vasantharathna


Research Investigations on Optimal Relay Coordination and Improved Reliability In Micro Grids Using Programmable Logic Control.

Funded By : AICTE RPS
Coordinators: Dr.E.Chandira Sekaran, Mr.S.R. Sivarasu


Model Predictive Control Based on Hybrid System for Desalination Unit

Funded By : AICTE RPS
Coordinator: Dr.S.Suja


Centre for Wind Power Generation with Efficient Tracking System.

Funded By : AICTE RPS
Coordinators: Dr.J.Devishree, Ms.P.Devaki


Research Investigation, development and performance analysis of micro grid with embedded controller for energy optimization in hybrid power systems
Funded By: University Grants Commission
Coordinator: Dr.E.Chandirasekaran
Year : 2012-2013

Fund received: Rs.9,36,000/-


Name of Industry / Agency: WEIR Minerals Pvt. Limited, Bangalore.
Activity: Testing and Consultancy

Name of Industry / Agency: M/s Suba Plastics
Activity: Testing and Consultancy

Name of Industry / Agency: Flowserve India Controls Pvt. Ltd., Othakkalmandapam, Coimbatore – 641032
Activity: Testing and Consultancy

Name of Industry / Agency: M/s V-Guard Industries
Activity: Testing & Consultancy

Name of Industry / Agency: Larsen & Toubro Limited Metering & Protection Systems. Gate No.1, Mysore Camps, KIADB Industrial Area Hebbal-Hootagqalli, Mysore- 570018.
Activity: Power Quality Study and Energy Audit

Name of Industry / Agency: Flowcon Engineers, Coimbatore
Activity: Testing and Consultancy

Name of Industry / Agency:TEXMO PUMPS-Taro, Coimbatore through Adroit Power Systems India Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore.
Activity: Power Audit Study

Name of Industry / Agency:Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation,Coimbatore
Activity: Inspection report and Cost Estimation for AMF  control panel board of  Generators

Name of Industry / Agency:SAIL – Salem Steel Plant, Salem.
Activity: Power Audit Study

Name of Industry / Agency:National Textile Corporation Limited, Coimbatore
Activity: Energy Conservation Study