TCS Best Project Award 2017

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TCS Best Project Award 2016






1. 20.7.2017 Inauguration of CSE Association, ACM Student’s Chapter of CIT Mr.Sathish Viswanathan,Head Thoughtworks, Coimbatore
2 10.8.2017 Apache Kafka,Vertica DB and Elastic Search Mr.Shanmugam Murugesan

Senior Solution Architect,

Apple Inc,USA

3. 17.8.2017 Emerging IT Technologies towards Digital Transformation and Current Industry Requirements Mr.Arun

Digital Transformation Marketing Head,NIIT

4 31.8.2017 TCS Best Student Project Award Mr.Christopher Hudson,

Principal Consultant,TCS Chennai

5 22.9.2017-24.9.2017 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp



Photography and Documentary


Kavin Engineering Works,

Tidle Park


E-Cell Coordinator,



E-Cell Coordinator,



E-Cell Coordinator,



MetaAge, Coimbatore

*Mr.Rajesh & Dr.Metilda

E-Cell Coordinator,

Ramakrishna College of Engineering


Kalycito Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore





6. 21.12.2017 Ethics and Life skills Dr.Adhi Narayanan

Founder, Anaadi Foundation

7. 11.1.2018 Career in Defence field Prof.Anto,

Director, Chisel Academy

8 18.1.2018 Time Management Session Dr.R.Chandrasekhar,

Professor-HealthCare Trainer-Consultant

9. 20.1.2018 Machine Learning Mr.Vijayarangan,

Senior Scientist,TCS Chennai

10. 22.2.2018 TCS Best Student Project Award Mr.Ramanathan Murali,

Consultant,TCS Chennai

11. 22.3.2018 Association valedictory function Dr.N.Raveendran,

Sr.General Manager,

EnterpriseWide Solutions,

Shakthi Finance Ltd/ABT Industries Ltd,Coimbatore

ACM Programs Organized

S.No AY Date Program Title Resource Person
2012-2013 26.06.2012 Student chapter Seminar on Global Challenges & Opportunities in IT  & IT enabled Services Dr.K.Kesavasamy,Global Head, TCS Academic Interface Programme, Head, TCS-Trivandrum
     2. 12.09.2012 Students Chapter  Seminar on Multicore Programming Dr.RUDRAPATNA SHYAMSUNDAR,Senior Professor,Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,Mumbai.
      3. 2014-2015 18.12.2014 Distinguished Speaker Program on  Privacy and Security in Online Social Media Dr.K.Ponnurangam,IIT Delhi


     4. 2015-2016 29.04.2016 Distinguished Speaker Program on SMAC Technologies and the future Mr.Ajay Deshpande, CTO of Rakya Technologies, Bangalore
     5. 2016- 2017 19.01.2017 Distinguished Speaker Program on Safety Issues in Cyber Physical Systems. Dr.ShriSha Rao,

Professor, IIIT Bangalore

CSI Programs Organized

S.No AY Date Program Title Resource Person
    1. 2012-2013 24.01.2013 Code debugging Senior Students
    2. 2013-2014 22.08.2013 Seminar on Requirement Engineering for Cyber Forensics Prof. K. SUBRAMANIAN, Director and Professor at Advanced center for Informatics and Innovative Learning (ACIIL), New Delhi
19.09.2013 Data visualization –key to Business Effectiveness Mr. Ganes Kesari, Chief of Delivery, Gramener
     3. 2014-2015 09.08.2014 CSI sponsored  Golden Tech Bridge Programme for  society. Mr.A.N.Senthilvel



Department of CSE & IT,Coimbatore Institute of Technology,Coimbatore

04.09.2014 IPV6 Awareness Program Mr. Baldev Krish,Trainer/Consultant,BITS,Coimbatore
    4. 2015-2016 07.01.2016 Coding contest Senior Students

Association Programs Organized

S.No AY Date Topics Resource person
2012-2013 09.07.2012 The Workshop on IT Infrastructure Services as a Career Option. Mr.Bhaskar Chellappa

Transition Manager/Offshore Service Delivery Manager,

TCS, Chennai

       2. 2013-2014 18.07.2013 Seminar on Things after college &Optimization Mr.P.N.Shankar Narayanan
       3. 19.09.2013 Workshop on Cyber Security Mr.G.Munish Kumar

Founder & Chief Research Officer,

Xsec Technologies Pvt.,Ltd., Coimbatore

        4. 26.09.2013 Seminar on A Heartful mind & Mindful heart



Consultant Psychiatrist,

North England

       5. 12.12.2013 Seminar on Hardware tools Mr.Mukesh R. Bhatkal

ADM Technologies

       6. 01.01.2014 Workshop on The Great Mind Challenge by IBM



IBM, Bangalore

       7. 2014-2015 11.07.2014 Big Data Mr.Satyamoorthy , Nielsen Catalina      Solutions, Florida, USA
       8. 07.08.2014 Mending the youth minds to face the challenges of the world in a global context


Dr. Selvam , Professor, Government Art College, Coimbatore
       9. 25.09.2014 Talk on Gynec related health Issues Dr.C.Poornima MS (OBG),  Associate Professor in Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
     10. 08.01.2015 You & Your Career– how to excel personally & in Corporate Ashik Siraj, Operations Manager


      11. 27.01.2015


Kovai Techathon 2015


Mr.Sukumar,Kovai Tech


     12. 26.02.2015 Community Service– An awareness session on DIGITAL LITERACY at Saibaba Vidyalayam School, Coimbatore CIT Faculty (10)

& Final Year Students of CSE & IT Branches (20)



06.02.2016 Learning CS concepts through real life analogies


Dr.Jey Veerasamy,

Director, Center for Computer science Education and Outreach,

University of Texas Dallas, USA

      14. 11.2.2016 The Hour of Code’(Earn while you Learn) Francesco Staci -Head of Operations (Asia Pacific Region)


     15. 26.02.2016


Entrepreneurship awareness camp Mr.N.R.R Vijayakumar, Chief Knowledge officer, Aquetics Global, Bangalore.


Mr.Nawin, CEO of

Mrs. B.L Lakshmi Meera, President of Women Entrepreneur Coimbatore Chapter.

Sembian Samuel.E, CEO & Co-Founder, Two Stones.

Mr.Senthilkumar , Founder Placement Season.