Research & Consultancy

hydraulics lab1

Behaviour of fabric structure and reinforcing Efficiency of Textile Reinforcements in RC structures. (Ongoing)

Funded By : AICTE of Rs.3.5 Lakhs lacs
Investigator : Dr.K.Subramanian

hydraulics lab2

Design and Development of High Performance concrete using silica fume and superplasticizer (Ongoing)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.5 Lakhs lacs
Investigator : Dr.P.Vinayagam

materials lab1

Geomorphology and confluence width changes of cauvery delta using Remote sensing. (Completed)

Funded By : D.S.T of Rs.7.56 Lakhs lacs
Investigator : Dr.R.Sridar


Membrane Bioreactor for tannery waste water treatment (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.6 Lakhs lacs
Investigator : Dr.S.Keerhinarayana