Details of Research Projects

01 Behaviour of Multistorey Brick-Infilled RC Frames (without openings) Dr.P.Govindan, Dr.E.B.Perumal Pillai 5.00 MHRD 1992 Completed
02 Behaviour of Multistorey Brick-Infilled RC Frames (with openings) Dr.P.Govindan, Dr.E.B.Perumal Pillai 3.00 CSIR 1993 Completed
03 Treatment and reuse of waste from students hostel Prof.M.Raghunathan, Sri.K.Rasappan 3.00 AICTE 1997 Completed
04 Coir fibre reinforced sheets and tiles for low cost houses Prof.R.Krishnamoorthy, Dr.A.Sethurathnam 5.00 AICTE 1997 Completed
05 Optimal Design of composite plates with singularities subjected to Stability and Dynamic constraints Dr.K.Subramanian 4.00 AICTE 1997 Completed
06 Development of High Performance new composite materials, SIFCON Dr.P.Govindan 4.00 AICTE 1998 Completed
07 Air quality assessment and modeling for Coimbatore city Dr.P.Meenakshi 5.00 AICTE 1999 Completed
08 Augmentation of Computing Facilities in Structural Engineering Dr.M.Inbasakaran, Prof.M.Dhanabalakrishnan 8.00 AICTE 1999 Completed
09 Investigation on Prediction of Residual Service life & Rehabilitation Techniques for R.C Structures subjected to Rebar corrosion Dr.S.Shanmugam, Dr.A.Sethurathnam 10.00 AICTE 2000 Completed
10 Seismic Response Control on Multistoreyed Structures Dr.V.G.Srisanthi, Dr.K.Subramanian 9.60 AICTE 2002 Completed
11 Response control using Base Isolation structures under lateral loads Dr.K.Subramanian, Dr.V.G.Srisanthi 4.30 UGC 2002 Completed
12 Analytical and Experimental simulation of Intelligent Structural system Dr.V.Vijayalakshmi, Dr.K.Subramanian 10.00 AICTE 2004 Completed
13 Moderization of Structural Engineering lab Dr.K.Subramanian 14.00 AICTE 2004 Completed
14 Geomorphology and confluence width changes of Cauvery delta coastline using Remote Sensing and GIS Dr.R.S.Sridhar 7.56 DST 2005 Completed
15 High Performance Concrete using Recycle Concrete waste Dr.M.Kalaiarasu, Dr.K.Subramanian 3.55 AICTE 2005 Completed
16 Experimental Investigation on the strength and durability characteristics of concrete with Metakaolin and Redmud Dr.E.B.Perumal Pillai 2.75 AICTE 2006 Completed
17 Membrane Bioreactor for Tannery Wastewater Treatment Dr.S.Keerthinarayana 6.0 AICTE 2007 Completed
18 Testing of Masonry walls with Earthquake Resistant Features Dr.K.Subramanian, Dr.V.G.Srisanthi, Dr.M.P.Muthuraj 4.75 UNDP 2007 Completed
19 Testing of Composite Light Weight Load Bearing Wall Panels Dr.K.Subramanian, Dr.V.G.Srisanthi, Mr.M.P.Muthuraj 2.50 INSDAG 2007 Completed
20 Behaviour of Fabric Structure and Reinforcing Efficiency of Textile Reinforcements in RC Structures Dr.K.Subramanian, Dr.V.G.Kalpana 3.50 AICTE 2009 Completed
21 Behaviour of Prestressed Lattice Structures under Reversible Loading Dr.V.G.Srisanthi


14.3 AICTE 2013 Ongoing