Research Activity

The chemistry department is established with the basic facilities to do research in various areas like photocatalyst, Sensors, supercapacitors, Environmental pollution. Presently 7 full time scholars are doing their research in supercapacitor, biosensor and chemosensor. More than 75 papers are published in the last four years in various SCI journals.

The current research work in environmental Chemistry aims to provide solution to develop and create a healthy ecosystem for the protection of all living organisms in the environment. This is mainly carried out from the study of various plants and the parameters associated with the plants under study available in the location .This also helps to identify the pollution status during each period of study in relation with the air quality. The study ultimately aims to reduce the adverse health effects like infant mortality, respiratory disorder, allergy, mental disorder and other harmful effects in the urban and  industrial regions of the city .

Current research works in synthesis of bio nanomaterial for the application of Bone tissue engineering. Especially surface coating of implants like hydrothermal and electrochemical deposition are carried out.  Apart from this, research is also focused on developing new biodegradable bone scaffolds.