Title Amount of the Project Funding Agency Duration of the project Investigator
Heavy Metal Assessment in Soil and Plants by Early Response of Plants in Abatement of Coimbatore City Air Pollution around Singanallur Lake for Green Belt Development. 50,000/- Seed money 2021 Dr.P.Rupa
A Novel Bone Mimetic Scaffold Composed of Polylactic Acid Hydroxyapatite Zeolite Biomaterial – Finding the Route of Mechanism. 1,25,000/- Seed money 2020 Dr.B.Gayathri
Studies the  Photophysics and Dynamic of DNA Template Silver Nanocluster in the Confined Environment 23,68,000/- DST/SERB 2015-2018 Dr.Syed Jaffer
Study of pharmacological applications on BLM membranes” Rs.6 lakhs AICTE sponsored 1999-2002 Dr.R.Narayanasamy
Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence of Chemistry Laboratory during. Rs. 4 lakhs AICTE programme of MODROBS 1996 – 1998 Dr. R. Sriram & Dr.R.Narayanasamy