S.NO PRINCIPAL  INVESTIGATOR Project Title Project Status Organization Year Amount Received (Rs.)
1. Prof. S.Gopalakrishnan and Dr.M.Thirumarimurugan Modernisation of Modelling & Simulation Laboratory Completed AICTE 2011-2012 11,50,000/=
2. Dr.M.Thirumarimurugan Comparative study and analysis of biosorption of chromium(VI) in tannery effluent using microbial biomass Completed AICTE 2012-2014 9,02,000/=
3. Dr.M.Thirumarimurugan Bioremediation and reuse of spent dye baths Completed AICTE 2011-2013 4,00,0000/=
4. Dr.D.Prabhakaran E-waste disposal and recovery of Nobel metals Completed AICTE 2013-2016 11,50,000/=
5. Dr.T.Kannadasan Modernization of Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory Completed AICTE 2013-2014 10,50,000/=
6. Dr.A.Sivalingam Bioremediation of Industrial Effluents Using Three Phase Fluidization With Nanoparticles Completed AICTE 2013-2016 23,25,500/=
7. Dr.V.M.Sivakumar Advanced Nano materials for Clean Energy Applications – A Joint collaborative project between Bergen University College, Norway and Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India Completed Research Council of Norway 2015-




8. Dr.M.Thirumarimurugan

Recent Trends in Energy, Environment and Solid Waste Management

Completed AICTE 2017 5,55,500/=
9. Dr.R.Azarudeen Current Scenario in Advanced Material Science & Engineering Completed AICTE 2017 5,45,500/=
10. Dr.D.Prabhakaran Modernisation of Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operations Laboratory Completed AICTE 2017-2020 13,15,000/=
11. Mr.S.P.Selvabharthi Studies on Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Fertilizer Industry Completed TNSCST 2018 10,000/=
12. Mr.P.Sivakumar Recovery of Metals from Electronic Wastes by Bioleaching Process Completed TNSCST 2018 9300/=
13. Ms.Nisha Subash Formulation and Drug Release Kinetics of A Brain Targeted Drug Delivery System Completed TNSCST 2018 10,000/=

Application of Non-Linear Control strategies to pH System (Completed)

Funded By : AICTE of Rs.5,00,000/- lacs
Investigator : Dr.M.Ramasamy

Design & investigation of hydro cyclone electrolyser for the treatment of dye-house effluents (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.5,46,000/- lacs
Investigator : Dr. T.Kannadasan & M.Thirumarimurugan

Modernisation of process Control Laboratory (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.7,50,000/- lacs
Investigator : Dr.M.Ramasamy

Treatment of textile effluents using electrochemical methods (Completed)

Funded By :  TNSCST of Rs.5,00,000/- lacs
Investigator : Dr. T.Kannadasan

Extraction of Fuel Oil from Plastic Wastes by Thermal Decomposition (Completed)

Funded By :  TNSCST of Rs.4,00,000/- lacs
Investigator :  Mr.M.Thirumarimurugan

Extraction of Perfume Oil From Origanum Unlglare By Steam Distillation (R&D Project) (Completed)

Funded By :  AICTE of Rs.5,46,000/- lacs
Investigator : Dr. T.Kannadasan & M.Thirumarimurugan

Modernisation of Unit Operations Laboratory (MODROBS Project) (Completed)

Funded By : AICTE of Rs.15,00,000/- lacs
Investigator : Dr.T.Kannadasan

Modernisation of Technical and Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (Completed)

Funded By : AICTE of Rs.6,00,000/- lacs
Investigator : Prof.S.Gopalakrishnan & Mr.A.Sivalingam

Bioremediation and reuse of Spent Reactive Dye Baths (Ongoing)

Funded By : AICTE of Rs.4,00,000/- lacs
Investigator : Dr.M.Thirumarimurugan & Mr.D.Prabhakaran

Development of disposable sorbents for chloride removal from high temperature coal derived gases (Ongoing)

Funded By : TNSCST of Rs.6,00,000/- lacs
Investigator : Dr. M.Thirumarimurugan