You Choose.. We Guide..




Our Vision

The vision of Career Guidance and Counselling Cell is to cognitively empower students to discover
and pursue a path to a fulfilling career to make their own unique marks on the world.

Our Mission

To generate and disseminate knowledge by providing counselling and guidance to all students to
enrich their academic, and career empowerment through updated information and training.

To educate students to explore and perceive their career option to develop as holistic professionals.




CGC Core Team


Ms. K. Divya Mohana Rajiv

Coordinator, CIT, Institutions

Dr. A. Rajeswari, Principal, CIT

Dr. R. Maheshvari, Humanities

CGC Department Faculty members

Mr. D. Arul, Civil Engineering
Dr. D. P. Sam Solomon, Mechanical Engineering
Ms. A. Priyadharshini, Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Dr. M. Poongothai, Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr. M. Mohanapriya, Computer Science and Engineering
Dr. T. Sivakumar, Chemical Engineering
Dr. N. Geetha, Information Technology
Ms. M. Karthiga, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Dr. P. Santhi, Humanities

Dr. A. Santha Devi, Humanities

Ms. V. Shanthi, Computing
Dr. S. Thilaga, Management studies