B.E. Degree

The duration of the Course is eight semesters. The first year is directed to a course in theoretical and practical understanding of basic mathematical, scientific and technological ideas, which are common to all the branches namely Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication & Computer Science and Engineering. The branch allocation is done in the first year itself through counseling. Each branch specializes in its own field while imbibing broad Ideas from other branches. Intensive theoretical and practical coaching is given in each branch of study.  Project works are encouraged systematically and extensively to train the students to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical problems.

B.Tech. Degree

(a) B.Tech. Chemical Engg:

The Course is of eight semesters duration leading to a degree in Chemical Engineering. The syllabus is both intensive and extensive with a perfect blend of topics from Unit Processes and unit Operations considered as indispensable in many Chemical industries

(b) B.Tech Information Technology

The Course is of eight semesters duration leading to a degree in Information Technology.

(c) B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


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Part – time B.E. Degree Courses in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The duration of these courses for the Engineering diploma holders, is seven semesters

The specializations in each discipline are given in the table:

Discipline Specialisation
Civil Engineering

Computer Methods and Applications in Structural Engineering,

Environmental Engineering &Management

Construction Engineering &: Management

Mechanical Engineering   

Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Electrical   and   Electronics Engineering     

Embedded and Real Time Systems

Electronics  and  Communication Engineering Communication Engineering
Computer  Science  and Engineering      Computer Science and Engineering