Department of Computing

The Department of Computing is one of the most vibrant  departments in CIT with its committed faculty members and motivated students.


Department of Computing endeavours to make the students, world class software engineers with prudence of pioneering the solutions to the challenges of the nation and the world.


To impart sound conceptual knowledge along with intensive practical training and real time industry / research project exposure to the students

To provide a learning ambiance to enhance innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, team-spirit and ethical responsibilities.

To establish Industry Institute Interaction program to provide exposure of latest tools and technologies used in the IT organizations and enhance the entrepreneurship skills.


BOS Minutes

Five Year Integrated M.Sc. Programmes

The Department of Computing offers only three unique Five- Year Integrated MSc Programmes with different specializations

M.Sc.(Software Systems)

·  Specialization in design and development of software automation across domains

M.Sc. (Data Science)

·  Specialization in Data Analytics for insights into data that leads to designing and developing business intelligence systems

M.Sc. (Decision and Computing Sciences)

·  Specialization in Decision Science and Information Technology for optimal decision making

About the Programmes

The salient feature of these programmes are the specially designed curriculum in which theory is perfectly blended with extensive laboratory practice and sandwiched with real time industry / research projects through two internships, each of six months duration in software industries / research organizations in India / foreign universities.


The curriculum includes a number of electives from specialized streams like Software Engineering, Data Analytics and Management. Students of any of the M. Sc. Programmes have the option to select electives across the streams to specialize in technology or consultancy or decision making or gain  holistic entrepreneurial knowledge.


The teaching learning process includes exposing the students through project based learning right from the beginning thereby enabling the students to gain exposure to solve real-time problems at the earliest.


With academic autonomy, the department regularly updates its student focused curriculum and syllabi. This enables them to solve the problems in any domain and enhance their  technical skills to adapt to any evolving computing methodologies. These talented students are much sought after by  multinational software giants like IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Global scholar, Amazon, AMD etc, research laboratories and foreign universities.

About the Department

The department has been instrumental in CIT signing MOUs / Agreements with IBM India, Samsung India, Novell India, AMD India and Oracle India. The students and faculty have won many IBM awards for collaborative projects carried out at IBM Centre of Excellence for HPC & Cloud Computing at the Department. Funded by AICTE and DST, and supported by IBM India, Novell India, Samsung India and AMD India, the department has been organizing  many research promotion programmes,  faculty development programmes and  student training programmes and for promoting research on advanced technologies. The highly qualified and committed faculty of the department have decades of experience in guiding internship projects from Fortune 500 companies. They do active research involving students in the niche fields like Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Open CL, Network Security, Data Mining, Image Processing and Software Engineering.


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Research Labs/ Organizations

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Foreign Universities

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Faculty Details

Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience
1. Prof.M.Devaraju M.Sc Professor and Head Optimization Techniques 40  years
2. Dr.C.R.Ranganathan M.Sc., Ph.D Adjunct Professor Mathematics, Statistics 40 years
3. Dr.S.Suganthi M.Sc., M.Phil.,


Associate Professor Software Architecture 20 years 6 months
4. Ms.V.Sumathy M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor Object Oriented Technology 20 years 6 months
5. Dr.K.Sakthi Mala M.Sc.,M.Phil.,


Associate Professor Wireless Networks 19 years 6 months
6. Dr.P.Velvadivu MCA,M.Phil.,


Assistant Professor Data Mining 9 years
7. Dr.M.Marimuthu MCA,M.Phil.,


Assistant Professor Biometrics

(Image Processing)

9 years 8 months
8. Dr.D.Sudha Devi MCA,M.Phil., Ph.D Assistant Professor Information Security 12 years 2 months
9. Dr.P.Aruna MCA,M.Phil., Ph.D Assistant Professor Cloud Computing 12 years 2 months
10. Ms.A.D.Chitra MCA,M.Phil. Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Image Processing 12 years 11 months
11. Ms.D.Anandhi MCA,M.Phil.,


Assistant Professor Data Mining 12 years 8 months
12.Ms.M.Srividya MCA,M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Data Mining 12 years 8 months
13 .Ms.D.Manju MCA,M.Com,


Assistant Professor E-Commerce 12 years 8 months
14. Ms.M.Umarani MCA,M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Software Testing 11 years 10 months
15. Dr.M.Sujithra MCA,M.Phil., Ph.D Assistant Professor Mobile Device Security 11 years 8 months
16. Ms.S.Deivarani MCA, M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Data Mining 11 years 8 months
17. Mr.T.N.Sugumar M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Virtualization 9 years 9 months
18. Mrs.N.Priya M.Sc.(CT), Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Computer Networks 10 years 9 months
19. Mr.S.A.Gunasekaran MCA Assistant Professor Information Systems , Accounting and Financial Management 11 years 5 months
20. Ms.C.Sathya MCA,M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Virtualization 11 years 5 months
21. Ms.A.G.Aruna MCA,M.Phil.,

ME(CSE), Ph.D(Pursuing)

Assistant Professor Big Data Analytics 11 years 5 months
22. Ms.K.H.Vani M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Data Mining 10 years 1 month
23. Ms.V.Keerthika M.Sc.(CT), Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Software Testing 9 years 9 months
24. Ms.S.Gayathri Devi M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Mobile Adhoc


9 years 7 months
25. Ms.S.Chandia MCA,M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Mobile Adhoc


9 years 7 months
26. Ms.V.Radhamani M.Sc.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor Cloud Computing 8 years 6 months
27. Ms.J.Rathika M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor Mobile Computing 8 years 5 months


28. Ms.A.Madhavi MCA Assistant Professor Data Mining 7 years 8 months
29. Ms.V.Vishu MCA, Ph.D(Pursuing) Assistant Professor


Artificial Intelligence 7 years 8 months
30. Mr.R.Ashok Kumar MCA,MBA,

M.Sc., Ph.D (Submitted Thesis)

Assistant Professor Robotics 13 years 3 months
31. Mr.C.Stanly Felix M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D (Pursuing) Assistant Professor Embedded Systems 6 years 6 months