Department of Computing

The Department of Computing, established in 1988, the beginning of the era of IT Revolution to promote Computer Science Education, has evolved into one of the most vibrant departments in CIT with its committed faculty and motivated students.

The department offers unique concept based 5 year integrated programmes:

♦     M.Sc. Software Systems

♦     M.Sc. Data Science

♦     M.Sc. Decision and Computing Sciences

♦     M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Department of Computing endeavors to make the students, world class software engineers, data scientists and decision makers with prudence of pioneering the solutions to the challenges of the nation and the world.


M1. To impart sound conceptual knowledge along with intensive practical training and real time industry/research project exposure to the students.

M2. To provide a learning ambience to enhance innovation, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, team-spirit and ethical responsibilities.

M3. To establish Industry Institute Interaction program to provide exposure of latest tools and technologies used in the IT organizations and enhance the entrepreneurship skills.


About Us    


Unique Five Year Integrated M.Sc. Programmes (Affiliated to Anna University)

♦  M.Sc.(Software Systems) – Specialization in design and development of software systems across the domains

    PEO & PO

♦  M.Sc. (Data Science) – Specialization in Data Analytics for insights in design and development of business intelligent systems

   PEO & PO

♦  M.Sc. (Decision and Computing Sciences) – Specialization in Decision Science and Computer Science for optimal decision making and business intelligent systems

    PEO & PO

♦  M.Sc. (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

    PEO & PO

Integrated Project Based Learning

♦   Blending the theoretical learning with extensive laboratory practice in the smart environment

♦   Encouraging the students to involve in genetic projects in addition to team projects related to semester courses

♦   Integrating Institutional learning with real time full semester industrial/research project internships

Industrial Collaboration

Tie ups with MNC’s have lead to the establishment of

♦  IBM Center of Excellence for Cloud and High Performance Computing

♦  Intel Intelligence Systems Lab

♦  Oracle Business Intelligence Center

Research Bound Faculty

The faculty members with specialization in different areas do active research involving students in niche fields like Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Network Security, Data Analytics, Quantum Computing, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Finance.

Motivated Students

The highly motivated students immerse themselves in extensive laboratory practice combined with team projects that lead to the presentation of their work in knowledge sharing National and International Conferences. The early exposure to the real time industry / research projects through full semester internships moulds them into industry ready professionals and are the most sought after among their peers for Placement by MNCs and start ups.

Why M.Sc. at CIT

♦ Unique Curriculum

           ♦ Perfect blend of Computer Science, Data Science and Management Science

♦ Smart Learning

           ♦ Strong foundation laid through extensive laboratory practice, team projects and industrial case study/use case seminars.

          ♦ Technical excellence accomplishment through self learning in smart environment aided by online task based assignments and two full semester industrial / research internships.

♦ Multi Specialization Facilitated by the selection of electives across the streams

♦ Career Option

        ♦ Software Engineer / Data Analyst and Consultancy /Entrepreneur/Decision Scientist / Business Analyst / ML Engineer / AI Engineer

♦ Entrepreneurship

        ♦ Career plan can be accomplished by right selection of programme and electives

        ♦ Career plan change during the course can be facilitated by right elective options

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