Department of Chemistry

The Department of chemistry was established in the year 1956 with four well-qualified staff members under the headship of Dr. D. Nageshwara Rao.   Presently, the department is headed by Dr.G.Selvakumari and has a full capacity of eight well-experienced staff members with a strong desire for academic excellence.The department caters to the academic and research needs of the students of B.E. / B.Tech. , M.Phil. (Part-Time) and Ph.D. (Part – Time) courses. The department has conducted AICTE  sponsored summer/ winter schools  on environmental pollution and corrosion control.  It has also received research funding and development grants a sum of 10 lakhs from AICTE, New Delhi.Currently, six research scholars are working on nanomaterials, solar cells, dyes and surface modification coatings.


In the pursuit of developing new technologies for safe and green environment.


To endow with essential concepts of chemistry to the engineers thereby paving way to solve technical issues that would be beneficial to the society at large.

Engineering Chemistry

Course Objective

To impart a sound knowledge on the principles of chemistry involving the different application- oriented topics required for the students of all engineering branches.

Course Outcome

The student will be conversant with the principles of characterization of water and treatment of potable water and quality of water for the industrial purposes, engineering applications of polymers and implication of corrosion and applications of analytical techniques.

Principles of Environmental Science and Engineering

Course Objective

This course is intended to provide a basic knowledge of the environment, threat to environment, social issues related to it, the necessity for environmental legislation, sustainable development and the option of biotechnology and green chemistry.

Course Outcome

After successful completion of the course, the student will understand the concept of environment, the causes for deterioration, the measure taken for its preservation and the need for sustainable development.